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Zafira recall Vauxhall issues safety statement

24 October 2015 - Vauxhall zafira - admin - No Comments

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Vauxhall is contacting hundreds of thousands of British drivers amid fears that the Zafira model may be prone to fire due to the heating and ventilation system although at the moment Vauhall is NOT issuing a full recall.

Vauhhall has commented saying “When we find the root cause we will take the next step. That could be a recall, whatever, we’ve just got to get to that root cause, that’s a key thing for us,” a spokesperson said.

“Book the vehicle in for a check and the vehicle will be inspected professionally and we’ll look at the component we think may be faulty,” the spokesperson told Sky News.

With more than 130 owners have reported overheating problems behind the glove-box area, some of which have resulted in fires, the affected model is the Zafira B. It is thought that 280,000 of them are currently on the road in the UK and it is thought that the pollen filter and some of the other parts that may have been replaced may not be genuine.

zafira cutomer advice-air con

zafira cutomer advice-air con

The fires which started in the glovebox areas of the cars were reported by three different women, who say their cars burst into flames.

One of the owners Sue Freemantle, from Devon, who had four children in her Zafira and Claire Wheatley also from Devon, had to evacuate her car along with her husband when a similar incident occurred.

Air conditioning

Vauxhall has already examined 20 such cars which have been burned out, and has summoned engineers from Germany to investigate.

In a statement, it said it thought the heating and ventilation system was to blame.

It said previous repairs may have been carried out improperly, or in some cases, non-genuine parts may have caused the fires.


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