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Wirlpool, Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit charge £99 for tumble dryer replacement

15 March 2016 - electrical recalls, White goods product recall - admin - No Comments

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Customers are being charged £99 to replace faulty tumble dryers and the models being sold to replace the faulty models are also potentially deadly. has already reported twice about dangerous and faulty machines here.

As reported by product recalls manufacturers Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda struggling to fix the 4.3 million faulty tumble dryers across the UK after their parent company, Whirlpool, notified customers of a widespread safety defect last October the BBC have also highlighted on watchdog that some customers have waited six months to get their machines replaced .

The faulty tumble dryers where the heating element in the machine can cause a fire due to excess fluff has been linked to a number of fires in homes throughout the UK. has discovered that some customers have been charged £99 to have the fire risk machines replaced only to find more problems with flooding and overheating with there new machines.

Some customers have said that within a few days smoke can be seen pouring from the replacement machines they have paid £99 for and when checking the serial numbers on the machines on the manufactures website the machines are flagged as faulty.

The manufacturer Whirlpool claims that the machines have been repaired but this still does not explain the reports of faulty replacements.

When contacted Whirlpool said customer could check for a green sticker to if the machines were safe but some of the replacement machines did not have the green sticker and were flagged on the manufacturers websites as faulty.

Martin Lewis – founder at said “If this is true its evidence of a systemic failure by Whirlpool. Logistically they are clearly not able to deal with – what is effectively – a product recall of this size.”

Whirlpool have said that it will now ask customers to confirm that they have the green sticker on the replacement machines

There is now talk of a“national product safety agency” to probe widespread safety announcements for incidents such as this.

Since October, Whirlpool has replaced or fixed around 220,000 tumble dryers with 4,000 cases being dealt with per day with recent report from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, condemned the lack of an independent central body monitoring product safety.




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