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Tottenham Hotspur Youth Kit/infant Jersey recalled

17 January 2014 - Uncategorized - admin - No Comments

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The following notice has been issued:Under Armour Tottenham Hotspur Youth Kit Jersey
Style #1238494

Tottenham Hotspur shirt recalled

Tottenham Hotspur shirt recalled

Important Safety Warning

Some Style #1238494 Tottenham Hotspur youth kit short sleeve jerseys for 8 to 18 year olds have a manufacturing defect.

The fasteners on the jerseys may come off, creating small parts that pose a laceration risk.

You should immediately stop using the jersey of any UA Tottenham Hotspur youth kit. The shorts and socks sold with the jersey are NOT part of the recall and are safe to wear.

For further details please call Under Armour directly at 00800-82766871 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist.

Under Armour Europe B.V., Olympisch Stadion 13, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands


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