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That’s not my reindeer or Santa Books – recall

14 November 2015 - Child recalls - admin - No Comments

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That’s not my reindeer or Santa Books – recall

The following notice has been issued by the publisher:


Title: That’s not my reindeer

ISBN: 9781409556046

Binding: Board Book

Batch: 01848/14

Price: £6.99

On sale from: August –   November 2015

Title: That’s not my Santa  

ISBN: 9781409537250

Binding: Board Book

Batch: 01851/10

Price: £6.99

On sale from: July –   November 2015


santabook recalled

santabook recalled

Usborne Publishing Ltd. regrets to inform customers we are recalling copies of ‘That’s not my reindeer’, batch 01848/14, sold between August 2015 – November 2015 and ‘That’s not my Santa’, batch 01851/10, sold between July 2015 – November 2015.

** All other batches of these titles are unaffected **

 Batch code location

Why the recall?

The recall is due to a humidity problem found with some cartons containing these batches delivered to the UK, causing the potential safety concern of mould forming. While not all copies are affected, we are recalling the entire batch of both products to ensure customers are not potentially put at risk.

If you own a copy of either of these products, please check the batch number found on the bottom left hand corner of the back cover.

What to do if you have a copy of batch 01848/14 or 01851/10

Even if your book featuring these batch numbers has not developed any mould, we ask you to please return your copy to the place of purchase for a full refund.


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