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Tesco recalls Blackcurrant and Apple squash

30 January 2015 - Tesco recalls - admin - No Comments

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Tesco has sent a out a recall for its blackcurrant and apple squash drink after many consumers complained of a “foul smell” and of feeling ill after dricking the squash concentrate .

The  supermarket Tesco quickly withdrew its own brand “No Added Sugar Double Concentrate Apple and Blackcurrant” squash form the shevles becuse of the odour and taste.



Many angry customers have accused Tesco of keeping theproduct  recall “hidden form view” and not posting details on its website or in stores.

Tesco said a flavour additive had been accidentally added in the production process, which posed no safety risk but had a “strong odour” and this is what the disgruntled customers were complaining of .

The firm said the additive, Dimethyl Disulphide, which was  added to the squash in error was a common ingredient in food products and was safe.

Tesco commented on the recall saying:”It is an approved additive and poses no food safety risk. However, it does have a strong odour, similar to garlic which customers are likely to find unpleasant,”.


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