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Sony VAIO Laptop battery recalled

7 April 2016 - Sony recalls - admin - No Comments

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Sony VAIO VGP-BPS26 Battery Packs – recall

The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:

Important Notification for VGP-BPS26 Battery Packs in VAIO Personal Computers

Dear Valued Sony VAIO Customers,

It has come to our attention that some of the VGP-BPS26 battery packs provided to us by Panasonic, and included with VAIO SVE Series personal computers released in October 2012 as well as the below listed VAIO personal computers that have been submitted for repair in the past, may be susceptible to overheating, due to a manufacturing issue. This has the potential to cause burns to the battery packs. We are implementing a free replacement program for the affected battery packs.

If you are using one of the VAIO personal computer models listed below, please confirm if your battery pack is one of those affected. If it is identified as an affected unit, then please immediately remove the battery pack from your PC. With the battery pack removed, your PC can continue to be used safely with an AC adapter, while you are waiting for a replacement.

We expect to post an update by early April 2016 regarding our timetable for providing customers with battery pack replacements.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Affected battery pack model: VGP-BPS26*
* Some battery packs of this model are unaffected. Whether yours is affected or not can be ascertained by checking the battery pack’s product code.

Check if your battery pack is potentially affected via:

IMPORTANT: You will be asked to fill in the following:

Battery product code (1. in image below). If your battery product code is not 185323711 or 185323721, then select Other.
Battery serial number (2. in image below)
VAIO product number (3. in image below) and VAIO serial number (4. in image below), seperated by a hypen

How to find the numbers you need?

1. Open the battery hatch of your VAIO

2. Remove the battery pack

3. Check the battery product code (1.) and battery serial number (2.)

4. Check the VAIO product number (3.) and VAIO serial number (4.)

VAIO personal computer models that may be equipped with an affected battery pack

Below are the VAIO personal computer models that may be equipped with an affected battery pack, either because the PC was packaged together with an affected unit at time of purchase or because it was equipped with an affected unit, as a replacement part, during repair.

Models that may have been sold together with an affected battery pack at time of purchase:

SVE1413 Series SVE1513 Series SVE1713 Series

Models that may have been equipped with an affected battery pack during repair:

SVE1411 Series SVE1412 Series SVE1413 Series
SVE14A1 Series SVE14A2 Series SVE14A3 Series
SVE1511 Series SVE1512 Series SVE1513 Series
SVE1711 Series SVE1712 Series SVE1713 Series
VPCCA1 Series VPCCA2 Series VPCCA3 Series
VPCCA4 Series VPCCB1 Series VPCCB2 Series
VPCCB3 Series VPCCB4 Series VPCEH1 Series
VPCEH2 Series VPCEH3 Series VPCEJ1 Series
VPCEJ2 Series VPCEJ3 Series


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