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Samsung Fridge Freezer Recalled

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In 2009 Samsung launched a recall of some of their Fridge Freezers. In the last 4 years this recall has been extended. This page now includes the latest information.
Samsung is recalling some of their Fridge Freezers because a defect in the defrost system can cause internal sparking, which can result in a fire.

There were originally 107,000 Samsung Fridge Freezer affected by this recall. We have asked Samsung how many are now being recalled and are still waiting for their response.


The Samsung Fridge Freezer models affected by this recall are:-

  • Series RS21 – All model numbers starting RS21A, RS21D, RS21F, RS21J, RS21K, RS21N, RS21W
  • Series RS60 – All model numbers starting RS60D, RS60J, RS60K
  • Series RSE8 – All model numbers starting RSE8D, RSE8J, RSE8K
  • Series RSH1 – All model numbers starting RSH1D, RSH1F, RSH1J, RSH1K, RSH1N
  • Series RSJ1 – All model numbers starting RSJ1F, RSJ1J
  • Series SN62 – All model numbers starting SN627, SN629

Note – The original recall only covered RS21 and RS60 models sold between March 2005 and June 2006. The recall has been extended to include all of these models regardless of when they were sold.


You can find the model number of your fridge freezer as shown below.

If you have one of the affected Samsung Fridge Freezers you can arrange for a free repair by contacting Samsung on 0800 988 0123.

November 2009 and November 2013.

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