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Mars Bars and Snickers recalled across 55 countries

23 February 2016 - Mars recall, sweet recalls - admin - No Comments

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Mars and Snickers have been recalled bars has en-mass  chocolates across 55 countries, including the UK, after pieces of plastic were found in the confectionery including Mars fun-size, Milky Way fun-size, variety bags of fun-size chocolates, and Celebrations sold in the UK as well as Snickers Miniatures.

The mars and Snickers products involved have best before dates from June 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

A spokesperson for Mars commented saying: “This is an isolated incident. No other varieties of chocolate, pack formats or bar sizes are affected in the UK and no other best before dates or products manufactured at any other location are impacted.”

The US company, which is not publicly listed, has not yet confirmed how many chocolates are affected in total.

“As far as we know there are 55 countries involved,” Eline Bijveld, Mars corporate affairs coordinator for the Netherlands told AFP.

The product recall is understood to only involve products made at the Mars factory in the southern town of Netherlands town of Veghel.

According to AFP, a customer found a red piece of plastic in a Snickers bar bought on January 8 in Germany.

After he complained to Mars, the plastic was traced back to Veghel where it was determined that it came from a protective cover used in the plant’s manufacturing process.


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