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LeapFrog Scout & Friends Baby Walker Phone Part recalled

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The following notice has been issued by the retailer:

Attention LeapFrog Parents:


Baby Walker

Detachable phone part

Dear LeapFrog Parents,

We are disappointed to announce a voluntary recall of the detachable phone part of select LeapFrog Scout & Friends Baby Walkers. We have found that, in some cases, the adhesive holding the sticker to the plastic phone body can fail, causing pieces of the sticker to become detached, creating a remote possibility of choking. This recall affects the phone piece of the product only.

leapfrog phone part recalled

leapfrog phone part recalled

What to do:

If you own a Scout & Friends Baby Walker, first check to see if your product is affected. To do this, remove the front panel (see figure A below), turn it over and check the code (figure B). If you have a phone with a white LeapFrog logo on the reverse (figure C), your product is safe and does not need to be recalled.

If your product’s code matches one of the recall codes and you have a phone with no white LeapFrog logo, please dispose of the phone piece immediately. Replacement information is below. If your product’s code does not match one of these numbers, your product is safe and does not need to be recalled.




Recall Codes:

Replacement information:

To order a replacement phone piece for affected products, please contact us at:

+44(0)1702 200 244 or visit

We take your child’s safety seriously and are committed to continuing to earn your trust with every product we make. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


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