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Henry Bear provided with Henry Courses recalled

1 February 2014 - Toy recalls - admin - No Comments

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Henry Bear provided with Henry Courses recalled

Children’s health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to HENRY (Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young).

Henry Bear provided with Henry Courses recalled

Henry Bear provided with Henry Courses recalled

We are advising that anyone in possession of a Henry Bear toy provided to families joining Let’s Get Healthy with HENRY courses ( as part of HENRY Parent Toolkits) please safely dispose of it immediately.

Please do not allow your child to play with it, don’t give it to charity or to anyone else.These toys have been found to be unsuitable for children under 3 years old as the eyes are a potential choking hazard.

At HENRY we have always taken all appropriate precautions to ensure the products it sources and provides to parents are safe and meet all legal requirements. We were assured by the supplier that these bears met all required standards and as such carried the CE certification mark. The supplier provided HENRY with apparently valid safety certificates confirming the bears’ legal status.

However, we became aware of an incident of one of the eyes from a Henry Bear toy becoming detached, causing a potential choking hazard for children. No child was harmed.

When we heard about the incident we acted straightaway out of concern for child wellbeing.

HENRY immediately withdrew the bears from unused HENRY Toolkits and notified Trading Standards who tested a sample of the bears for safety. Trading Standards found the bears provided to us by the supplier did not meet British Standard safety requirements and has advised that all persons in possession of a Henry Bear should dispose of or destroy it immediately.

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