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Volvo V50 and S40 Exhaust Recall
01-13-2014, 09:53 PM,
Volvo V50 and S40 Exhaust Recall
Volvo is recalling some V50 cars because the exhaust sleeve may fall off.

Volvo has found that the securing process for the exhaust tail pipe sleeve may not be up to specification. This could result in the tail pipe sleeve falling off.

Volvo is recalling the affected V50 cars to secure the exhaust tail pipe sleeve.

There are 3,228 Volvo cars (across all models) affected by this recall. They were built between May 2010 and May 2012 and have VINs in the ranges:-

590002 to 700424
530005 to 580745

If you have, or believe you may have, one of the affected Volvo V50/S40 cars then please contact your local dealer ASAP.

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