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Futaba/Ripmax Mains Chargers recalled
07-07-2014, 10:00 PM,
Futaba/Ripmax Mains Chargers recalled
Product Safety Recall risk of shock

Futaba/Ripmax Mains Charger

Part number:

P-FBC30D/4 and F-FBC35D/4

Affected batches:

Basis of check:

Follow up to recall of P-FBC32D/4 charger.

Applicable Standards:

BS1363-1: 1995 + A4: 2012, EN60950-1: 2006 + A12: 2011


As part of the recall process for the P-FBC32D/4 charger, we have been required to identify any similar products that could be at risk. The above two chargers use the same case design as the P-FBC32D/4 and have therefore been deemed to pose a similar serious risk of electric shock and fire because of the following factors relating to BS1363-1. Trading Standards have therefore requested us to make this recall today.

Test results:

The thickness of the live and neutral pins was found to be up to 0.23mm oversize.
The breadth of the live and neutral pins was found to be up to 0.12mm oversize.
The insulated shutter device (ISOD) was found to be 0.03mm over height and 0.01mm over thickness.
The disposition of the plug pins was found to require a force in excess of 10N (the maximum) to insert it in a socket and remove it. With a force of 10N it would not fully engage.
When inserted in a special measuring gauge, the live and neutral pins were too short.
The live and neutral pins were found to be too close to the edge of the periphery of the engagement face by 4.66mm.


Excessive force was required to insert the charger into, and remove it from, a socket. This could cause damage to the socket and the shutter system and/or cause mechanical damage to the charger that could result in live parts being exposed, with the risk of causing an electric shock.
Could cause overheating or arcing within the socket creating a risk of fire.
Could lead to inadvertent contact with the live parts of the pins when inserting the charger into, or removing from, a socket.


If you have purchased one of these chargers on its own or as a component of another product, stop using it immediately and please return it as soon as possible to the dealer that you bought it from. Ripmax will arrange to correct the charger as soon as components are approved by Trading Standards and production can be arranged. It is not possible to give a timescale for this as the approval of the modified charger is not fully within our control.


27th June 2014

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