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Ford Transit Battery Recalled
01-08-2014, 07:36 PM,
Ford Transit Battery Recalled
Danger warning to all transit drivers

Battery may explode.

Bott is recalling some vehicles equipped with additional electrically operated equipment, which can result in the standard vehicle battery being subjected to high consumption, due to the constant charging and discharging. It is possible that after a number of years, the condition of the battery can deteriorate to such an extent that an internal failure could result in the battery exploding.

Bott is recalling the affected vehicles and replacing the standard vehicle battery with heavy duty high amperage deep cycle AGM battery.

Bott Ford Transit Batteries Affected By This Recall

There are 274 Bott Ford Transit Batteries affected by this recall. No other information is available.

If you have, or believe you may have, one of the affected Bott Ford Transit Batteries then please contact your dealer.

Recall Launched

January 2014.

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