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Cosatto wont refund faulty Giggle buggies

23 October 2014 - Cosatto Giggle recalls - admin - No Comments

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As reported by watchdog in 2013 the Cosatto Giggle has had issues with collapsing when in use, worryingly Cossato have NOT issued a product recall for the Cosatto Giggle despite many reports of collapsing buggies putting children at risk.

Watch dog have used a fresh report on BBC 1 23/10/2014 to express that it is not just the early version of the buggy that are having problems with the faulty plastic hinge.

The only potentially affected pushchairs are the Giggle in Sunny, Treet, Go Lightly, Pablo, All Star and Bizzy Betty.

To find if your Giggle is afected plase check using the images below and visit

Giggle recall

Giggle recall

cosatto giggle recalled

cosatto giggle recalled

Cossato Have issued this apology on their website buy still have not recalled all the affected buggies.


We sincerely apologise to any customers who have experienced problems with their Giggle.

Once we became aware of the problem we quickly identified that a small number of products from some of the first batches was affected. We corrected the problem on all subsequent products with an enhanced part.

Our team are trying to contact customers with a Giggle from the identified batch numbers and are offering to collect their chassis, carry out the important enhancement, and return it free of charge with a three-day turnaround.

If anyone has concerns about their Giggle, we would ask them to get in touch via our website or freephone helpline.

Freephone: 08000 149 252



We take product safety very seriously and work extremely hard to make sure all of our products deliver the highest standards of safety and reliability. This includes rigorous assessment and compliance testing above and beyond industry and statutory standards.

As a family company that’s been serving the baby market for over 30 years, we are committed to resolving any problems that do occur as quickly and fully as possible.

Again, we would like to sincerely apologise to anyone affected.

If you need any further information, hi-res images or just fancy a chat, contact us for more details or visit our website

Lorna Duncanson (PR Manager) 01204 863 Cosatto, Lakeside View, Bentinck Street, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, BL4 7EP


According to the offical website “Only those Giggles with a batch reference of week/year of 33/2013 or earlier are affected. ” So if you have one they do not want to give a refund istaed they would like you to contact them saying.

“Our trained service center technicians will remove the front mounting bracket and replace it with a new steel reinforced one, ensuring your Giggle is shipshape and ready to roll. The external appearance will remain the same.”

Asking you to take everything but the frame as they say “We only need the chassis returning”

If you wish please review further information please visit




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