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Zafira recalls Model B again over fire fears

19 May 2016 - Vauxhall zafira - admin - No Comments

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Amazon.co.uk WidgetsVauxhall Zafiras have been recalled for the second time over an engine problem that has caused the cars to burst int flames there are more than 234,000 Vauxhall Zafiras model B that have been recalled again. Vauxhall has notified owners and produced a full press release saying that it was taking “preventative action” after originally recalling […]

Vauxhall recalls 220,000 Zafira B cars,

6 November 2015 - Vauxhall zafira - admin - 1 Comment

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Vauxhall has announced a recall of 220,000 Zafira B cars, following a series of fires two weeks after more than 130 fires were first reported, via a Facebook group all of the fires have occurred behind the glove-box, in the heating and ventilation system it is though but not confirmed that after market parts could be to […]

Zafira recall Vauxhall issues safety statement

24 October 2015 - Vauxhall zafira - admin - No Comments

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Vauxhall is contacting hundreds of thousands of British drivers amid fears that the Zafira model may be prone to fire due to the heating and ventilation system although at the moment Vauhall is NOT issuing a full recall. Vauhhall has commented saying “When we find the root cause we will take the next step. That could be […]

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