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Re issue of recall for Boots Pharmaceuticals

14 December 2013 - Health product recalls, Uncategorized - admin - No Comments

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Boots have re issued there recall for the items below plus additional products

Important product recall

Boots Pharmaceuticals Chesty Cough Relief Oral Solution 150ml (item code: 30-07-332)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Dry Cough Relief Oral Solution 150ml (item code: 23-36-154)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Mucus Cough Relief Oral Solution 150ml (item code: 48-96-149)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 6 years Plus Suspension 200ml (P) (item code: 77-86-476)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Ibuprofen Syrup 3 months Plus Oral Suspension Strawberry Flavour 100ml (item code: 29-98-009)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Tickly Cough Relief Oral Solution 150ml (GSL) (item code: 47-08-776)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 3 Months Plus Suspension 120mg/5ml Strawberry Flavour 100ml (GSL) (item code: 21-39-839)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 3 Month Plus Suspension120mg/5ml Strawberry Flavour 200ml (P) (item code: 77-38-382)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 6 years Plus Suspension 100ml (P) (item code: 21-39-901)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Baby Cough Syrup 3 months Plus 100ml (GSL) (item code: 23-16-021)
Boots Pharmaceuticals Gripe Mixture 1 month Plus 150ml (GSL) (item code: 23-18-415)


Re issue of recall for boots

Re issue of recall for boots

We’ve discovered a potential manufacturing fault with the tamper seal on some Boots Pharmaceuticals liquid medicines which might result in small pieces of plastic being found in the medicine. Please note this potential issue affects products bought from October 2011 onwards. The health and safety of our customers and patients is always our highest priority so we have taken the decision to ask customers to return these products to our stores for a refund or replacement with a similar item.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our customers and would like to offer our reassurances that these actions are taken as a precaution while we fully investigate the situation.

If you’ve bought any of the products for someone else would you please let them know about this as soon as possible.

If you do have any concerns or need further advice then please speak to the pharmacist at your local Boots store or call the Boots Customer Care Team on 0800 915 0004. Minicom users can call 0800 915 0740.


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