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Welcome to product recalls

We provide the latest product recalls in the UK and discussion forums for those wishing to highlight issues they have had with any type of product, this is a community website and forum so please play nicely as we are trying to empower you the consumer to report consider and help others on the forum.

  • Please report any new incdents via the forums so we can make sure others know about them
  • Start new theads with the forums so others can see your issues
  • Please use our forums to disscus your particular issues to help others
  • Do not be abusive and treat others with the respect you wish to be treated with

If you or your institution or company have any issuses with the infromation being posted on this site about any product that has been recalled please Contact us

There are over 1.5 million recalled products in UK homes

There are many authorities and websites like ours publishing information on product recalls to make people aware of the dangers off some of the products that have not been returned to manufacturers the fact is that there are many different agencies and departments issuing product recalls we just take the information from these agencies and republish it here on our blog and in our forums so those affected have a voice and a support network

The fact is each agency covers a different types of recall

The Trading Standards Institute Product Recall site which is here shows the latest product recalls Trading standards website.

Food Standards Agency shows the latest food product recalls Food Standards Agency website.

The VOSA Product Recall site shows the latest automotive recalls VOSA website.

The MHRA drug recalls and drug alerts affecting the UK MRHA drug recalls.

The European commission dangerous EU recalls for RAPEX notificationsRAPEX notifications.

Generally a when a product is recalled the manufacture or retailer will issue a statement to the relevant agency who will in turn publish it on their website.

We dont think that that this is adequate so we republish in our forums on twitter and on our other social media outlets

You often see recalled products in the paper but these are only the ones that pose the most risk and publishing large adverts like those incurs costs so it’s on a needs must basis

We have set up this website to create a community so people can voice their concerns about specific products they believe to be faulty or dangerous and to provide a platform for those who have been ignored by compaines Contact usIf you have a story to share and we will post in our blog so others hear about your issue

To make sure your home is safe from recalled products visit our Blog or

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Great website and forum regularly updated and lots of relavent posts on car, baby and all types of product recalls.

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Good site lots of quailty information even though its community run use the simple search freatures in the forum to find what you want is my advice.

Russel Douglas, MD

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We aim to provide up to date product recall infomation so please

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Dangerous recalled products

The problem with product recalls is that you never know whats been recalled until its to late.

Product recalls latest issues

So issues can be highlighted by our team constant updating and forum posts.

Be sure know whats in your home.

We also have speclist areas for product recalls so you can find your infomation on your products.